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The Differences Between The Three Types Of Cardboard Boxes

Depending upon your specific requirements, a single wall or double wall cardboard box may provide the best-possible results. As one of the UK’s leading cardboard box suppliers, GRG Packaging offers competitive pricing on each of these cardboard box packaging products.

The information below can help customers learn more about the specific advantages of single wall, double wall cardboard boxes. For more specific information concerning sizing and pricing, customers are encouraged to access the specific item’s product information on our website.


By far the most commonly purchased cardboard box, single wall boxes account for 80% of cardboard storage products for sale in the UK. Single wall boxes can be used for a variety of standard storage, transportation and packing applications. These boxes feature a four-flap design that provides for security and durability during transport. Wholesale pricing options are available.


Featuring a corrugated double wall design, these boxes are optimized for heavier items and are well-suited to shipping and transport through product carriers and postal networks as well as for inclusion in large personal-use applications. For customers purchasing double wall boxes in bulk, GRG Packaging offers advantageous bulk pricing options.

We know there are times when you need to send larger items that require extra protection, and that’s why our double wall cardboard packing boxes could be the ideal product for you. Available in a variety of sizes, they are sturdy, hard-wearing and extremely reliable.


These are recycled boxes and have been used once only and have print on them. These can be used for any purpose and are economical for house removal. This would help to save environment as well as money.


This listing contains 4 types of Double-Walled Cardboard Boxes for Bikes, Wardrobes, Pallets and Plasma TV’s. Please select which box you require followed by how many you would like using the drop-down menus.